Hopkins Public Schools
1001 Highway 7
Hopkins, MN 55305
952-988-4000 (phone) 
952-988-4092 (fax) 

Early Childhood

Hopkins logo and the words Harley Hopkins

Harley Hopkins  Early Childhood 
Office: 952-988-5003


Hopkins H logo with Alice Smith text.

Alice Smith Elementary    
Office: 952-988-4200

Hopkins H logo with Glen Lake text.

Glen Lake Elementary   
Office: 952-988-5200

Hopkins H logo with Eisenhower text.

Eisenhower Elementary   
Office: 952-988-4300

Hopkins H logo with Meadowbrook text.

Meadowbrook Elementary  
Office: 952-988-5100

Hopkins H logo with Gatewood text.

Gatewood Elementary   
Office: 952-988-5250

Hopkins H logo with Tanglen text.

L.H. Tanglen Elementary  
Office: 952-988-4900


Hopkins H logo with North Junior High text.

Hopkins North Junior High   
Office: 952-988-4800

Hopkins H logo with West Junior High text.

Hopkins West Junior High  
Office: 952-988-4400 

Hopkins H with High School text.

Hopkins High School      
Office: 952-988-4500