Family Involvement

Parents and guardians are welcome to become involved in our schools. Find out how you can help!

Parents are one of the most important factors to a successful school year for a child. Staff are available to work with parents, teachers, and community groups to increase and strengthen involvement in children's learning.

Parents are encouraged to be involved with programs and activities at their school. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities — let us help you get involved in our schools! 

Involvement Options

  • Tutor students preschool through adult
  • Advisory committee volunteers
  • Academic mentor
  • Assist with classroom and school activities
  • Career internships
  • Homework helper opportunities
  • Youth service opportunities in the community
  • And more!

School Contact Information:

  • Alice Smith: 952-988-4200
  • Eisenhower: 952-988-4300
  • Gatewood: 952-988-5250
  • Glen Lake: 952-988-5200
  • Meadowbrook: 952-988-5100
  • Tanglen: 952-988-4900
  • XinXing Academy: 952-988-4300
  • North Middle School: 952-988-4800
  • West Middle School: 952-988-4400
  • Hopkins High School: 952-988-4500