Half-day Kaleidoscope Preschool returning to in-person learning

Half-day Kaleidoscope Preschool returns to in-person learning on January 19. Registration opens January 5. 

Please register online starting at 8 a.m. on January 5, 2021.

We will be following a first come, first serve process beginning at this date and time. Families that withdrew their child during distance learning will need to register on January 5. We are not able to guarantee a space.

  • All families will need to complete a Kaleidoscope contract online.
  • Please note: We will not accept contracts that are time-stamped before 8 a.m. on January 5.
  • Families who withdrew their previous contract will need to complete a new contract online.
  • Liz Reynolds will contact you about the availability of your preferred class after your registration is submitted.

Register for Half-Day Preschool

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