Hopkins surpasses its fundraising goal to support frontline workers

Hopkins Public Schools is thrilled to announce the final numbers for the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund. The District surpassed its goal of $200,000, raising a total of $201,084 from 598 donors. The money will be used to help support frontline workers in the Hopkins Nutrition, Early Learning and Community Education departments.

The fundraiser was a true community effort that involved the work of the Hopkins Education Foundation (HEF), many volunteers, community members, parents, and businesses.

"The Hopkins community is like no other," Hopkins Superintendent Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed said. "Pulling and sticking together during this pandemic is something we'll always go back to. And I, personally, will never forget the extreme generosity of our we-bleed-blue Hopkins community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

The month-long fundraiser included two $10,000 financial matches, a $7,000 PTO match and several micro-fundraisers organized by local businesses. Hopkins teacher Chris Tangert and his company Innovative Graphics sold #HopkinsStrong t-shirts which resulted in nearly $12,000 in donations. Green Boy Brand donated lawn signs with a portion of the proceeds going towards the fund. On the final day of the fundraiser, Boom Island Brewing and Station Pizzeria held a fundraiser and donated a portion of their food and beverage sales to the relief fund. These efforts, along with many individual community donations, yielded $159,084.

To fill in the gap —at the final hour— a couple of anonymous retired Hopkins educators came to the rescue, ensuring that the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund would reach its fundraising goal of $200,000.

 "As Hopkins retired educators, we wanted to ensure that the fundraising goal for the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund was met,” said one of the anonymous donors. “This was an opportunity to financially support Hopkins Schools directly during the pandemic. Thanks to HEF for being the conduit to make this possible."

Donations for the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund were hosted and administered by HEF, which—as a foundation—did not benefit from #HopkinsStrong donations. HEF acted as a temporary fiscal agent to collect and disburse donations to the District for the benefit of Hopkins Public Schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund and how the money will be used here.


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